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Hullo invisible author/treat writer!

Thank you for picking one of these imaginary fandoms! I went with the tongue-in-cheek style for prompts, but if this is the sort of prompt you absolutely loathe, please know that I will pretty much love anything in the style of canon—or “canon,” I should say. I do hope that more than anything, you enjoy whatever it is you decide to write; I am sure I will enjoy reading it at least as much!

Without further ado, my prompts:

A Guide to Medieval Sorcery

Source: Harry Potter series- J. K. Rowling

Oh my god, any sort of RPF that expanded on the ladies here would be fantastic. Tell me about Queen Elfrida brewing the Draught of Living Death--without any help!--to give her stepson Edward a freedom from a throne and responsibilities he could not manage. Or about Eleanor of Gloucester, who couldn’t help, in that particular way of Ravenclaws, showing off her Hogwarts education and becoming one of the chief examples cited when the Statue of Secrecy was drafted, and her relationship with her daughter Antigone (who was fortunately more discreet). Or maybe about that time Jacquetta of Luxembourg (Beauxbatons) won the Triwizard Tournament of 1434*, first and only winner to earn a perfect score, and maybe how she applied the lessons she learned there to Muggle-manipulation in the rest of her life! Anything you choose from the above (or any other stories included in the pages of this book!) would be incredible!

*Though as the real Jacquetta was married in April 1433 at the age of seventeen, I think we’ll have to invoke a bit of “oh dear, maths” fudging to make the timeline work! ☺

Dalemark Myth and Folklore

Source: Dalemark Quartet - Diana Wynne Jones

And here I'm afraid I will be utterly no help, since Dalemark myth is one of my favorite parts of the series, and I will love anything you produce! I can only offer you this: I am particularly fascinated by Manaliabrid, her relationships with the Adon, her mother, and Osfameron (he was her uncle! But somehow no one ever dwells on this?) Also I've always been convinced). Or, though they're not nominated, I've always wanted to know about her children, as well, Almet and Tanabrid and Kastri. What were they like? What was Manaliabrid like as a mother, that she would begrudge them abandoning their father's throne for so long? The One and his twistiness and kindness--contradictory, but both part of his character-- is the interpretation of canon I've always walked away with, so that would also be something I'd really love. Otherwise, once again, author, I really will adore anything and everything you produce!

The Last Witch But One (fictional book) – Diana Wynne Jones

Source: The Sandman (but for nothing more than a title and an author)

Pick your own option, dear author, between:

I loved this final book in the Chrestomanci series so much! I loved that it revolves around Christopher, Millie, and Conrad, filling in the gaps between the main action of Conrad's Fate and its coda, but most of all: Series Ten revisited! Revelations about Millie's past! Worldbuilding! Missing scenes, alternate POVs from Millie/Christopher/Conrad's perspective, I would love them all, and if you'd like to focus on any of the series Ten OCs we meet that would be amazing as well!

Oh, man, this was so great. I loved that, in the book's mile-a-minute denouement, it's Sophie who realizes she has to take responsibility for the orphaned Strangian future-Witch-in-waiting protagonist and sort everything out, but sadly the story ends, like five pages later. I want desperately to know what happens next in the moving castle: What is Sophie like as a teacher? How weird is it for everyone to have Sophie, not Howl, be the master? How much do Howl and Morgan sulk because they're used to Sophie's full attention? But more than that, I loved the prickly, sniping loyalty and affection that crops up between our lost girl and Sophie, but more than that, how funny their banter is (and rather reminiscent of Howl and Calcifer's, come to think of it.) Anything along those lines would be excellent, mystery author!

 Who would have ever expected a The Merlin Conspiracy prequel? Particularly one that focuses on the mystery flower-witch Roddy meets and her life, even though, in the novel's chronology, she really is the last witch but one, isn't she? I was especially relieved that despite the bleakness of the witch's life, we still see the characteristic glimpses of humor that you find even in the saddest of DWJ's novels. I'd love anything about our mysterious flower witch, whether it's episodes from her life that the book left out or other fill-in-the-blanks for her! Obviously canon limits a happy ending for her, but I'd love to see some happier moments, at least, if possible.

Millie Goes to School series

Source: The Chrestomanci Chronicles – Diana Wynne Jones

Millie! Oh my goodness, I would love for you to tell me about Annabel and Laurie resolving seven years of bickering and making up (or out!). Or whether Millie ever ends up with dreamy Crispin, even though he can't work a spell to save his life! Or anything that dwells on how important magic is to dear old Lowood House.
(I really do hope, though, that you try to ignore the awful fanon that springs from Millie_Chant, difficult as that is in this BNF-worshipping fandom. Her fics come across as far too self-inserty and Sue-ish for me *sniff*)

- - -

Seriously, though, I would love anything that explored what a boarding school story would be like with magic so engrained in a society that it wasn't a novelty, like the Harry Potter series. Otherwise, as we only know one character, goofy shoutouts to the series proper would also be much appreciated!
But, I mean, if you want to write a series of fics through which Millie Chant becomes a BNF and therefore inadvertently embroiled into fandom wars, I certainly wouldn't complain? :D

(For anyone who is looking at this and wondering if I’ve lost it—I must direct you to [community profile] invisible_ficathon. This is a fic exchange for fictional works-with-works (i.e., fictional mythologies, books, movies, etc.). There’s a full tag set up, with representation from a wide range of different works. Signups close on February 11, according to the invisible_ficathon community on DW! Assignments are out on the 12th, and due on March 10th, but the minimum word count is only 500 words. It looks as though it’ll be a lot of fun, and I'd love to see more friends sign up!)


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