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...thank you so much for having signed up to write one of these fandoms/pairings! More than anything else, I hope you will enjoy writing at least some of these prompts/ideas. That said:

General likes: humor/snark, long plotty fic, canon pairings, retellings or resonance with myth/folklore/etc., worldbuilding, idealism, playing with or twisting tropes, AUs with subtle callbacks to canon, women being awesome in multiple (not just Strong Female Character, to quote Kate Beaton) ways, romance not being the sole concern or happiness in characters' lives. I also adore backstory or behind-the-scenes fic, and will always, always love outsider POVs and especially unreliable narrators for any of the pairs here.

General dislikes: explicit gore, consent issues, fics that hinge solely on hurt/comfort or angst/hopelessness.

Uprooted - Naomi Novik


Uprootedwas such a charming find! I would happily have read an entire novel just about Tower Times, but even otherwise I would love something about Sarkan and Agnieska after the book. One of the things that delighted me was how cranky Sarkan continued to remain, even after the Happily Ever After (TM), so something that explored that further would be sweet. Or, since the story is so closely in Nieska's point of view, something that played with his side of the story would be neat!

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell- Susanna Clarke

Jonathan Strange/Arabella Strange

Prompted by the release of the TV adaptation, I finally got around to reading this book--and fell in love. Jonathan is an arrogant, obsessive failboat, particularly when it comes to his relationship with Arabella, but I find them both fascinating despite the bumps in their marriage. We know that Jonathan and Henry were childhood friends, and so Jonathan probably knew Arabella from a young age too, but I confess I'd love to see something about their early courtship--you'll never be able to convince me it was anything but hilarious. Or there is so much the novel glosses over--a missing scene would be delightful, too. Finally, like everyone else, I find that the ending is heartbreaking-- I'd love to be convinced of a reunion between these two someday.

Much Ado About Nothing


This was one of my first OTPs (thanks, high school English class!) and honestly I'd love anything: you want to tell me about their first meeting, or other arguments/meetings they had, I would love it! Or them bickering away for the rest of their lives would be equally as well-loved by me. Quite honestly, you could write anything for this pairing and I will love it:D

As a final note, please don't take rambling more about one fandom/prompt than another as some sort of indication that you absolutely need to do one instead of the other; as long as you have fun writing your fic, I am quite sure I will love it! Thank you so much in advance, and I very much hope this helps!

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