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Hello! And thank you for offering/writing one of these prompts for me. Before anything else, I'd like to make sure that you have fun with these prompts, above all else--I love these stories, and I'm sure I'll love whatever you produce! And so, more about my suggested prompts (in alphabetical order, not any sort of preference):
General likes: humor/snark, plotty fic, canon pairings, retellings or resonance with myth/folklore/etc., worldbuilding, idealism, playing with or twisting tropes, AUs that call back canon, and women being awesome in multiple (not just Strong Female Character, to quote Kate Beaton) ways. I also adore backstory or behind-the-scenes fic, and will always, always love outsider POVs and unreliable narrators. I'm a quick reader, so long fic is totally fine, should the question come up, and I have no particular preferences for POV or tense.
General dislikes: explicit sex/violence/gore, consent issues, fics that hinge solely on hurt/comfort or angst/hopelessness.
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell - Susanna Clarke
Jonathan is an arrogant, obsessive failboat, particularly when it comes to his relationship with Arabella, but I find them both fascinating despite the bumps in their marriage. We know that Jonathan and Henry were childhood friends, and so Jonathan probably knew Arabella from a young age too, but I confess I'd love to see something about their early courtship--you'll never be able to convince me it was anything but hilarious, with Jonathan's tendency towards dramatics and Arabella's calm good sense. Prequel fic about these two would be so very delightful!

The Squire's Tales Series - Gerald Morris
I love these books, especially the constant snark and dorky references to obscure Arthurian mythology, as well as the genuine goodness of the characters! That being said (...spoilers for a book series released years ago follow?) my favorite period of time is immediately post The Squire, His Knight, and His Lady/The Savage Damsel and the Dwarf. Gary/Lynet is my OTP for these books, so anything post-canon would be seriously adorable, or maybe working them into another Arthruian tale--I admit, I would LOVE to see what Lynet would make of Geraint and Enid (or Gary, for that matter.) Or maybe tell me about an adventure Terence and Gawain had around that time period then and since Terence/Eileen is a pretty excellent ship even though I didn't specifically request Eileen, more about how Terence and Eileen ended up getting secretly married? I'm a quick reader, and I like long plotty fic a lot, but let's be honest, mostly I just want to visit with the characters and canon just one more time and I'll pretty much be thrilled with whatever you want to write!

Uprooted - Naomi Novik
I love Uprooted most of all for its lovely dense, witty prose--like old school McKinley at her finest. I would happily have read an entire novel just about Tower Times, but even otherwise I would love something about Sarkan and Agnieska after the book. One of the things that delighted me was how cranky Sarkan continued to remain, even after the Happily Ever After (TM), so something that explored that further would be sweet. Or, since the story is so closely in Nieska's point of view, something that played with his side of the story would be neat! Alternatively, if you want to get into the creepier side of things, something about poor Queen Hanna--I'd love to explore her abduction/running away into the Wood (and even more I love the vague Helen of Troy not-quite-connection, so if you want to draw that out more, that would be so very great!)


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