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I can hardly believe it's that time of the year again--but it is! Dear author, I love Yuletide, and I love all of these fandoms, and YOU (!) for requesting and/or treating for them, so before all else, thank you in advance. I am ecstatic beyond words to receive fic for any of these fandoms, so as always my first request is: please write something that you will enjoy. In my experience, this leads to the most amazing fics of all. If you should want more details, here are some more thoughts about the fandoms and characters I've requested:

Arang and the Magistrate
Arang, Kim Eun-oh, Jade Emperor, Yeom-ra
Seeing this in the tagset was a pleasant surprise, as was the realization that other people are equally fannish about this wonderful show. Anyway, I would LOVE post-canon fic about Arang and Eun-Oh; my heart initially sank when I saw where things were heading in the finale, but Arang, as always, lifted my spirits once she started chewing Eun-Oh out again. So tell me the story of Arang following Eun-Oh around, earnestly and terrifyingly bent on filling him in on all that he's missed ( Or, tell me the story of him trolling her for YEARS on end, with his pretend amnesia!) How the heck do his parents react when he tells them who he wants to marry? Or fill in the plot hole of when she would have been able to tell him not to drink the water of forgetfulness in the first place - apparently both of them must have met up at some point during the time skip which happened off screen, but was there more to that than just a simple conversation? Was there even a grand adventure in heaven that we never got to see? Which brings me to my second request: if your muse is absolutely not able to cooperate with writing about those two, I adored the mythology in the series and world building about the politics of heaven and hell would be grand. If it's not apparent, tricksy but benevolent gods are....kind of one of my favorite narrative tropes, and the Jade Emperor certainly delivers.

梁山伯與祝英台 | The Butterfly Lovers (Chinese Folklore)
Liang Shangbo, Zhu Yingtai
I just really love this story--it's so darling! (Wikipedia- -
summarizes it nicely but briefly: It's Sungkyunkwan Scandal meets Romeo and Juliet.) But moreover, it's so delightfully trope-y: Oh, you want your heroines geeky and determined? Check. You like your heroes ridiculously dense, to the point where they don't realize their best bro is definitely a girl crushing on him despite her anvil-sized hints? We can do that too. You want hilarious cross-dressing hijinks to obtain a traditionally male eduction? Yeah, that's there too. And then it all ends in horrible tragedy. (Whoops.)
But seriously, though, I love so much about this story--that the heroine's original goal is to study and learn, that she, not the hero, is the aggressor in the romance, that you can write comedy and tragedy about the characters and still have it remain true to the characters. So expanding on any of the story would be awesome!

Kate and Cecelia - Patricia C. Wrede and Caroline Stevermer
Kate Schofield, Thomas Schofield
Now, before all else, I do love Cecelia and James to bits as well -- I just love Kate (!) and Thomas, and their relationship, just a wee bit more and I'd love something that focused more on that. But Cecelia and James would be very, very welcome additions as well! Moreover, Kate is my especial favorite and I'd love something that filled in her learning magic, for example, or balancing the demands of Society with her knack for trouble, or more about their rowdy children.

The Squire's Tales
Lynet, Roger|Gaheris
My beloved perennial Yuletide fandom; this year I've specifically focused on Lynet and Gary, stars of my favorite book. Lynet and her practicality and steadfast unromantic nature is a delight, as is her banter with Gary, so anything that bridges the gap between SD&D and Lioness and her Knight would be amazing. How do they find their lands when they first move in and get used to building a life together? Exactly how dramatic is Lynet's pregnancy and Luneta's birth and early childhood? Or, if you want to cross them over with another Arthurian tale, that would be great -- I admit, I would LOVE to see what Lynet would make of Geraint and Enid (or Gary, for that matter.) I adore both Arthur and Gawain, and I'd love to also see them feature, if you also adore them! Cameos from Lyonesse, or Morgan would also be fantastic!

Vicky Bliss series - Elizabeth Peters
Vicky Bliss, John Tregarth
Oh man, these two. It's not even so much the mysteries as much as I love Vicky's horribly deadpan humor, and John's snark, and how incredibly adorable these two are together. As much as I love Amelia Peabody, I'm even more disappointed there won't be another Vicky Bliss adventure out, and as is usually the case when I realize these things, I turn to you, Yuletide, to fill the gap! Which is to say, any Vicky/John adventure would be much appreciated. Or, if you would like firmer prompts, I actually have a few scenarios dreamed up:
(1) Vicky and John are getting married! Or really they're not; it's just a ploy to throw off John's old comrades - or actually they are, John just knows that's the only way to get Vicky to agree - or ha, if only does he realized that Vicky is too clever not to see through him - but in fact it's all a clever scheme facilitated by....etc. etc. to your heart's content, dear author.

(2) Kidfic. Because any offspring of Vicky and John is bound to be terrifying and a trouble magnet, and put on this earth to pay back his or her parents for the misery they caused others.

(3) Or if you love angst, and both of the above options are way too fluffy for you, John's perspective during Night Train to Memphis. Because like most Vicky Bliss fans, that is clearly the best book of the lot.

That said, dear author, I very much hope you find something that inspires you! Thank you once again for writing for me, and I eagerly look forward to reading it on Christmas Day!
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