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Well, clearly I've hit the exchange lottery because I've received basically everything I've always wanted when it comes to the Psyche-centric fic of my heart.
In no particular order:

Sight Unseen by HannaM, a lovely long retelling of the Eros/Psyche myth that emphasizes and embellishes the relationships between women therein;

Giant Steps by Missy, a story about Psyche, Ariadne, and their budding friendship as Ariadne ascends to godhood (as well as a very sweet twist on Ariadne's famous crown);

And, of course I have to mention this amazing snippet written by minutia_r, featuring Psyche and a mystery petitioner who turns this this piece into a truly inspired crossover.

Right now, I feel like the luckiest participant in all of the exchange, thanks to these brilliant writers--and I haven't even started in on the rest of the stories in the exchange yet, all of which promise to be wonderful as well.

For archival purposes, I will note that I wrote:

but for the grace of for Sout (Queen's Thief series AU, Eddis, Attolia, Gen. 2895 words.)

roads through time for Elviella (Dalemark Quartet, Manaliabrid, Brid, Maewen. 2356 words.)

seek on the limitless ocean a shore for lightningwaltz (Indian History RPF, various Mughal princesses. 2463 words.)

from the personal correspondence of miranda argent chantfor MinutiaR (Chronicles of Chrestomanci, Miranda Chant & others. 2753 words.)

....I might have been a little overzealous with this challenge, yes. *blush*. Now to go on and enjoy reading the rest of the archive!

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First off, Rarewomen author, thank you so much for agreeing to write for one of these women! Honestly, having any fic centering around them is a treat, so I'm sure I'll adore whatever you write. I hope my requests aren't too confusing, and that you find something you'd enjoy writing in them!
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Again, thank you so much, and hopefully one of these suggestions inspires you!


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