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I am so excited! Both for Yuletide, and for whatever wonderful fic you will produce; because before anything else, thank you, fabulous author, for choosing to write in one of these fandoms. I adore them all, am delighted you presumably enjoy them as well, and I am sure I will adore anything you will produce! So thank you! ♥

I've been lucky enough to be a part of several fantastic fic exchanges over the last year, and , and what I've learned is this: authors can usually come up with fics far more brilliant than I can imagine, much less prompt, so please think of the following as nothing more than suggestions. I very much hope that whatever you feel inspired to write is something you genuinely enjoy, so before anything else, have fun! That said, if you'd like some more prompts, or are okay with listening to me happily rambling on about these fandoms, in no particular order, click on through!
General likes and dislikes )

The Odyssey-Homer )
The Squire's Tales-Gerald Morris )
Georgian History RPF )
College of Magics-Caroline Stevermer (Note: spoilers therein) )
The Mask of Zorro (1998) )
I apologize for how long this is, and hope this helped somewhat! Again, though, more than anything I hope you find something that you have fun writing, and I'm sure I'll love anything you produce for one of these fandoms. Thank you, once again, and I hope you have a seriously fantastic Yuletide as well!


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