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Dear Yuletide Writer,
Hello! Before anything else, thank you for writing for me! I love all these fandoms, and am excited for any fic for them–so, please, please write something that you enjoy. I am quite sure I’ll love whatever you produce. That said, additional prompts/suggestions follow:

General likes: humor/snark, plotty fic, canon pairings, retellings or resonance with myth/folklore/etc., worldbuilding, idealism, playing with or twisting tropes, AUs that call back canon, and women being awesome in multiple (not just Strong Female Character, to quote Kate Beaton) ways. I also adore backstory or behind-the-scenes fic, and will always, always love outsider POVs and unreliable narrators. I'm a quick reader, so long fic is totally fine, should the question come up, and I have no particular preferences for POV or tense.
General dislikes: explicit sex/violence/gore, consent issues (with one exception discussed below), fics that hinge solely on hurt/comfort or angst/hopelessness.

12th Century Welsh History RPF
Nest ferch Rhys, Gwenllian ferch Gruffydd
If you are staring at this fandom in horror, please be assured that pretty much all you need to know about these women could theoretically come from a Wikipedia article. I'm more interested in the personalities of these women rather than historical accuracy, but, by all means, feel free to include as much (or as little) research as you'd like to! I’d love to see something that explored either of these women—or, if you’d like, even exploring the relationship between the two of them. Anything that ranges from Nest using her wits to take as much control of her life as possible to Gwenllian and her husband merrily leading their raids to epistolary fic between the two of them. I can imagine both of them having trouble relating to the other’s personality, but something about them coming to an understanding would be really excellent.
So, fair warning, I don’t know very much about either of these women, so first of all, please feel free to play hard and loose with history as much as possible. But I find both of these women are terribly interesting, both in the ways their stories contrast and intersect with each other. First of all, Nest, who as a young woman, lived as hostage in the English court and wound up as a mistress of the future Henry I and mother of his illegitimate son. Promptly married off to an English knight, Nest next ran into trouble when another lord attacked her castle and kidnapped, keeping her hostage for years. Despite her dire straits, Nest notably got her husband and his men to safety before her kidnapper made it into the castle, and later negotiated with her kidnapper to get her children, who had been taken prisoner with her, to their father. She’s been referred to as the Helen of Troy of Wales, but, much like the mythological Helen, I’d like to imagine her with rather more agency in a bad situation than anyone tends to give her credit for. As a note, as much as I don’t care for consent issues, I think dealing with Nest’s story requires some exploration of this. That said, I would appreciate something that gave Nest a bit more power in her situation than could be expected.
In contrast, if Nest is a Helen, her sister-in-law Gwenllian has been compared to Maid Marian. Gwenllian, from all I’ve read, was a spitfire. Her father didn’t approve when she fell in love with Gruffydd ap Rhys? She up and eloped with Gruffydd. Even after her marriage, she and her husband led guerilla raids against English settlers to give to the relatively impoverished Welsh. I am a sucker for the Robin Hood mythos, so any possible inspirations (which Gwenllian is speculated to be) are pretty great in my book. Gwenllian was one of the few Welsh women to lead an army into battle; but unfortunately, it ended badly and Gwenllian was killed in battle, becoming a rallying point for the Welsh in the future. But nevertheless--they contrast so much with each other that I'd love to speculate what they made of one another, or, at least, how they reacted to their own circumstances.

The Flash (TV 2014)">
Iris West, Barry Allen
I love Iris and Barry (but particularly Iris) both as a couple, and on their own, so: casefic, Iris-finds-out fic, something exploring Iris's gradual career shift towards journalism, more about Barry and Iris's backstories (and if you want to incorporate baby!Wally West, be my guest!), transcripts from STAR Labs as Iris watches over Barry's bedside and slowly drives Caitlin and Cisco crazy, crossover fic with Iris meeting (any version of) Lois Lane...the possibilities are endless.
This show, unlike its parent, is so full of light and fun, and it looks adorable! Most of all, I love Iris and Barry, both together and apart! I love how they’re both fundamentally resilient, competent at their jobs, and, in the scenes they have together, genuinely happy to be around each other. As an open canon, I’d just like to reassure you that I’ll be caught up by the time Yuletide rolls around, so please don’t have any qualms about including any spoilers! I also love the supporting cast to bits, so including them would be wonderful as well! In terms of specific prompts, casefic featuring Iris and Barry working together would be excellent? Or, since early promotions suggested Iris was initially supposed to be getting a PhD in psychology, how does she feel about her gradual pull towards journalism instead? If shipfic appeals to you more, backstory about Iris and Barry (and Joe!) would be great, as would Iris-finds-out fic (particularly as I understand that in comics canon, she finds out early on because Barry talks in his sleep, and acts as a Secret Secret Keeper from then on), or, in one of those tropes that never get old for me, the old clichéd love triangle for two. Or, alternatively, transcripts from STAR Labs as Iris watches over Barry’s bedside with Cisco and Caitlin (I mean, she must have made quite an impression on Cisco and I can only expect much tooth-grinding on Caitlin’s part). Finally, crossovers would be excellent, in particular Iris meeting (any version of) Lois Lane, or interacting with (and befriending?) Laurel or Felicity from Arrow. Any or all of these would be great; all I want is for you to have as much fun with this canon as I am, author!

The Iliad- Homer
Hector, Andromache
Confession: I am far more interested in the Trojan side of the war than the Achaean (with the exception of Odysseus), and in particular, in seeing a version of Hector and Andromache less miserable than we see them in the Iliad (at which point, to be fair, they've been besieged for years and are beginning to realize they are not likely to win this war). So, a fic where they get to display a sense of humor! Politics navigating the court of Troy! Andromache showing off her tactical advice and/or horse-mad personality (after all, Hector refers to her care for his horses in the Iliad rather than his own!) Or, if you have a secret craving to write cracky AUs, I maintain this fandom could use a daemon AU, or a dragon-mindbonding AU, or heck, even that wacky Hogwarts AU where Troy=Huffepuff House.
Really, in most retellings of the Trojan War, I’m all about the Trojans and what life must have been life behind their walls during the decade of the war, but I nominated these two in particular because I’ve always wanted to see them written with more humor and happiness. I think because we see them near the end of the war, beaten down and worried, that that is what sticks with us, but something from before the tragedy would be interesting as well. In particular, Andromache gives fairly sound military advice on her scene with Hector on the walls, and Hector later refers to her care for and love for his horses, so something giving Andromache something to do other than weave and weep. Otherwise, I’m sure that the politics of Troy, with forty-nine sons and multiple daughters likely all maneuvering for influence could be fascinating. Something exploring that, and the pressures of being the second-most-important couple in Troy could be really fun!
….Or, if you feel up to it, I’ve…always wanted to see more out-there tropey AUs of the Trojan War. I mean, I know there is a (published) high school AU out there, but where are all the daemon AU fics, or the ones placing them in a drastically different historical setting? Or, you know, the Hogwarts- AU Trojan War fic I half-wish existed (bizarrely, I've always fan sorted the Trojans into Hufflepuff, shielding Helen in the spirit of their house and consequently getting on the wrong side a Gryffindor-Slytherin-Ravenclaw alliance. Naturally through sheer 'Puff grit, they hold out quite well.) If you want to explore any of those, I’d be delighted!

Sovay (Traditional Song)
Sovay, The True Love

Tell me how these two met—wacky comedy-of-manners? Ridiculous adventure that explains why the True Love isn’t that surprised at Sovay impersonating a highwayman for the hell of it? Or more about their future: where do they go from here? What other scrapes do they get into? Moreover, given how few details we get, this is another fandom that would lend itself well to AUs, should you choose. Sovay in another time or place would be fascinating: the British Raj, ancient China, the antebellum Southern U.S.... Racebend/genderbend/trope away!
Full disclosure: this is one of my favorite ballads, and the excellent Ryuutchi wrote me a wonderful Robin Hood (Disney)/Sovay crossover for Yuletide 2012 (If you haven’t read it—and you should!—you can find it here!). But I love this ballad so much, for its casual twisting of gender stereotypes: Sovay is bold and brash and an accomplished highwaywoman! Her true love is, at least in my reading of the song, an adorable doof—his defense against being shot is to try and outlogic his attacker (if you shoot me, you’ll be caught and hanged!). I just want to know how these two met, or where they go from here. How does the True Love feel about the deception. How domestic do these two ever manage to be? Moreover, given how few details we get, this fandom in particular would lend itself well to any AUs you might want to explore! Setting the events of the story in another time in particular would be fascinating, as would race bending/genderbending the characters as you wish. Sovay in the British Raj, or ancient China, or the antebellum South, or the far future could make for astounding possibilities.

The Squire’s Tales – Gerald Morris
Lynet and her practicality and steadfast unromantic nature is a delight, as is her banter with Gary, so anything that bridges the gap between SD&D and Lioness and her Knight would be amazing. Cameos from Lyonesse, or Morgan, or fluff with Gaheris, would also be fantastic!
Lorie, on the other hand, is still a cipher to me. She has a few cameos, and is clearly Ragnelle, but whereas Dame Ragnelle in the ballad is enchanted, we never really find out what Lorie's deal was with the loathly lady thing. Moreover, she's rude and brash in her very first appearance but then settles down into Proper Lady mode; but which is her real self? (And is she secretly much snarkier than she appears?) I would love to read anything that delved into her and her motivations (or at least what she was doing behind the scenes in Avalon all those years.)
With regards to Eileen, Gawain, and Terence, I’d love to hear about another quest they went off that we just didn’t hear about. Otherwise, anything about how Terence and Eileen managed to keep a secret marriage under wraps for sixteen years would also be something to explore. Finally, this series’ sober, wry Arthur is one of my favorite versions of the character, so anything giving him an adventure of his own would be wonderful. Otherwise, though, mystery author, I really will love anything you write for this fandom and am not at all particular about what you choose to explore!
I’ve squeed about this fandom in multiple letters, so first of all, please believe me when I say anything, from five times fic to long plotty novellas would be amazing! Otherwise, I think the above says it all :)

TL;DR: Above all, thank you in advance and have fun, dear author; here's to a great Yuletide for all!

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God, that song's gorgeous. I'd never heard it before, but I'm so glad to have now. Thank you for the heads up! <3


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