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Hello! And thank you for offering/writing one of these prompts for me. Before anything else, I'd like to make sure that you have fun with these prompts, above all else--I love these stories, and I'm sure I'll love whatever you produce! And so, more about my suggested prompts (in alphabetical order, not any sort of preference):
The Butterfly Lovers
I just really love this story--it's so darling! (The link on the DW page covers most of the basics, but you can also refer to the wikipedia article about for a quick summary.) But moreover, it's so delightful trope-y: Oh, you want your heroines geeky and determined? Check. You like your heroes hilarious dense, to the point where they don't realize their best bro is definitely a girl crushing on him despite her anvil-shaped hints? We can do that too. You want hilarious cross-dressing hijinks to obtain a traditionally male eduction? Yeah, that's there too. And then it all ends in horrible tragedy. (Whoops.)
But seriously, though, I love so much about this story--that the heroine's original goal is to study and learn, that she, not the hero, is the aggressor in the romance, that you can write comedy and tragedy about the characters and still have it remain true to the characters. So expanding on any of the story would be awesome!
The Odyssey- Homer
I think it is absolutely no surprise that Odysseus/Penelope are my OTP for this fandom, and I've shamelessly gone ahead and requested them despite receiving two fantastic fics about them in Yuletide 2013. (But there is always a need for more, say I!) To paraphrase a previous request/prompt: I love Odysseus and Penelope together, outwitting each other and everyone else around them, so: tell me about their courtship, one outwitting the other, or even Telegony fix-it fic (because honestly, I can't help but find that a terribly disappointing end for these two). I am always a fan of humor/banter/snark! Political intrigue is also something I find fascinating, as well as couples who are extraordinarily competent at ruling/manipulating/getting stuff done, so exploring that would be wonderful, too, if that is your thing! . Or, alternatively, see below under the "Royal House of Sparta" section for additional prompts!
Robin Hood
I don't know what it is about these legends, but I love them, every one--all the cheeky (or not so cheeky) Robins and lion-hearted Marians (though I confess to a soft spot for noblewoman secretly helping the outlaws! Marian rather than out-and-out Merry Man! Marian). For what it's worth, the versions I imprinted on were the Disney animal version and Robin McKinley's The Outlaws of Sherwood, which....makes for an odd combination, I admit. But truly, anything you wish to write about these two would be much appreciated!
An alternate prompt: the Abbess of Kirklees. I've prompted this before in the 3SF on LJ, and got a very interesting fill out of it, but just what is her deal? She's supposed to be Robin's kinswoman, but just how did she come to loathe him that much?
Robin Hood’s Birth Breeding Valor and Marriage (Ballad)
...And imagine my surprise, when, as a kid, I stumbled across this ballad, where Marian never agrees, there's significantly less of the taking-from-the-rich-and-giving-to-the-poor but Robin winds up with a whole lot more backstory than he does in other sources. Of course, in time I learned about how the whole Robin Hood mythos had undergone changes over time, including the shuffling of love interests, etc., but Clorinda, and how to work her in, always bothered me. Is she a past companion of Robin's (but her marriage makes writing her off difficult unless she's unceremoniously killed off)? A platonic friend who has no idea where this wife thing came from? An alter ego for Marian herself? Something exploring Clorinda, or smashing her with either or both of my general Robin Hood prompts would be great.
Royal House of Sparta - The Odyssey
So the other part of The Odyssey that I love are the snippets of the Spartan princesses' childhood (and as the person who originally nominated, I'd included Penelope, and somehow she got switched into the Odyssey's tag set...somehow? But I'd love to see her included too, if you don't mind my terrible manners in plopping in a character who technically wasn't requested. If not, it's absolutely no problem!) together. If nothing else, imagine the personalities: Clytemnestra, with the capacity for great anger and great determination; Helen, The Most Beautiful Woman in the World (TM); Penelope, Cleverest Woman in all of Greece (TM), and Iphthime, who is apparently so trustworthy that Athena takes her form when conveying Odysseus's return to Penelope (...but how would Iphthime be expected to know? And why?) The daughters of Ikarios traditionally are guests/dependants in the palace of Sparta; how does that affect how they look at things. Anything of them growing up together, their relationships and interactions would be wonderful. And, if you like, you can add in other daughters of Leda and Tyndareus: Timandra, who also spectacularly jilted her husband and eloped with her lover (with no consequences, apparently, unlike Helen); Philonoe, who Artemis apparently made immortal; and Phoebe, who's...just there. No seems to know anything about her except her parentage and her name.
Or alternatively, if you also matched on the Odyssey: as mentioned, I love Odysseus/Penelope, so if you want to throw that in, too (Odysseus attempting to win over Penelope's cousins/sisters, even scarier than getting Ikarios's blessings! The Spartan princesses having adventures and running into a young Odysseus), I would be delighted.
All in all, I hope some of these prompts caught your fancy! Once again, thank you so much in advance for whatever you choose to write, and I look forward to reading it!


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