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Hello! I'm so glad we matched on (presumably) one of these fandoms. I will most likely love whatever it is you write (somehow, my assigned authors always work magic with the silly prompts I provide), so please don't worry about anything but writing something that you enjoy. Of course, if you'd prefer a bit more guidance, a few more prompts follow:

And of course, please note that these follow in no particular order other than that in which I thought of them!
General likes: humor/snark, plotty fic, canon pairings, retellings or resonance with myth/folklore/etc., worldbuilding, idealism, playing with or twisting tropes, AUs with subtle callbacks to canon, and women being awesome in multiple (not just Strong Female Character, to quote Kate Beaton) ways. I also adore backstory or behind-the-scenes fic, and will always, always love outsider POVs and unreliable narrators. I'm a quick reader, so long fic is totally fine, should the question come up, and I have no particular preferences for POV or tense.
Star Wars - Leia Organa, Padme Amidala
I'd love anything about Leia or Padmé growing up and coming to power. World building about Naboo or Alderaan politics would be wonderful in particular (as someone not familiar with the EU, I have no preference to whether or not you incorporate any supplemental material). For more specific prompts: Padme and her handmaidens, Leia and growing up an idealistic spitfire in the shadow of a totalitarian regime, Leia's first year in the senate, the way Padme's political legacy winds up being perceived by the Empire and Leia's reaction to that....
As a self-admitted Star Wars novice --really, I've seen the films and that's about it--one of the things I've always wished was emphasized more was Leia and Padme's backstories. Both of them are fascinating - Padme's leading a planet practically before puberty, and Leia's working in a puppet Senate. Either of these have so much that could be explored! I love the Nubian handmaidens and anything about Padme's relationship with them, or as mentioned, what exactly Leia even did in her term in the Imperial Senate. As an aside, I've always had this vague head canon that Padme, and her vote of no confidence in TPM, winds up being becoming a piece of Imperial propaganda in one last demonstration of spite on Palpatine's part: essentially she just winds up being remembered as the person who led to the Emperor's rise to power. I see Leia loathing her for that, and something exploring that, or Bail or Breha Organa's reactions, might be really interesting. (Furthermore, my workaround for "very beautiful....kind, but sad" has always been that Leia's parents told her, once she was old enough to properly understand, that she was Senator Amidala's mystery child - but of course, since no one knows who the father was, neither do they. If you'd like to work that in, be my guest!)

Smallville - Lois Lane
LOIS LANE, INTREPID REPORTER OF MY HEART. Smallville had its share of problems, but Erica Durance's Lois was consistently charming. Breaking a story, interacting with the wider DCU, snarking up a storm, anything would be great!
(For the record, Lois/Clark is my OTP, but you certainly don't have to emphasize or include that in your story. That said, I would appreciate neither being paired with anyone else, if possible!)

Seriously guys, Lois was pretty much the only reason I watched the show. We can all breathe a sigh of relief that several of my indignant, self-indulgent fix-it fics when things went wrong for Lois, as they often did in her first few seasons, never made it to the internet. But that said, honestly, Lois getting a chance to be the confident, funny journalist she was finally allowed to be around seasons 8-onwards would be great, or interacting with some of the canonical DP staff. Particular episodes I really loved for Lois were Identity, Pandora, Salvation, and Idol.

Disney Animated Fandoms - Fa Mulan
Mulan, rather than just being a generic Spunky Tomboy Who Can Fight!, she actually comes out on top because she's a brilliant, out-of-the-box strategist, not to mention the fact that she's really a bit of a dork and screws up frequently but still ends up all right. A fic that highlights these aspects of her character would be lovely! If you want to write a story that's more about her alone, something focusing on what the townspeople think about her before, during, and after the movie--what's their take on awkward gangly Fa Mulan coming back home the hero of China?
I...think that pretty much sums up all my requests for this prompt--basically, I really will love anything at all!

16th Century RPF - Anne of Brittany, Margaret of Austria
These two fascinate me; their relationship, from (almost) stepmother/stepdaughter to interchangeable brides for Charles VIII, to fellow queens. I'd love to see a friendship between the two, or at least something exploring the twists and turns of their relationship.
Awkward friendships are some of my favorite things, and it's definitely hard to beat "so I was supposed to marry your dad, and technically did (by proxy), but then turned around and wound up married to the guy you had been betrothed to since childhood and must have had at least some feelings for." I could definitely see epistolatory fic serve this prompt very well, if you're up for it, but regardless, if you've matched on only one, they fascinate me even otherwise. Seeing either of them circumvent the obstacles in their path to become the arbiters of culture and learning that they're known as today would be fantastic!

Original Work - group: goddess and sacrifice, group: Court Magician and Witch of the Wild Woods, group: artist and patroness
goddess and sacrifice: world build away? What is your unnamed goddess and mythology like? Is she for the sacrifice, or is this some corruption by her worshippers that she is doing her best to rectify it? Has she been following/watching her sacrifice in the past, or not? Is the sacrifice voluntary or not? What are her feelings regarding her goddess--unfortunate to be sacrificed if your religious inclinations are towards another deity entirely. And, of course, what next?
Court Magician & Witch of Wild Woods: oh lord, I imagine these two as having a long-running feud since mage school/lessons with their tutor - why? What led to their ideological differences, and one living in the woods while the other lives in the heart of the palace. What might happen with a fish out of water situation- does the court magician show unexpected levels of practicality, while the witch navigates court politics with more finesse than expected?
Artist and Patroness: What's being created, and for whom? Is it a memorial, or a gift? Architecture or painting or sculpture? What does it say about each of them, and the culture in which the work is created?

This is one where I feel I put all my prompts into my signup as is, so I don't have that many to add. But feel free to let your imagination soar with these; obviously, I love fantasy and historical fiction of all sorts, so I will most likely love whatever you produce!


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